Automatic Idiyappam Making Machine Manufacturer

At Grisham Industries, we take pride in revolutionising meal preparation with our Hydraulic Single Idiyappam machine & Sevai Making Machine for commercial. Based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and serving customers across India and worldwide, we stand as a premier exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of this innovative culinary solution.

Designed to reduce the burden of meal preparation, our machine has become a cornerstone in institutes, langars, hospitals, schools, college hostels, industrial canteens, railway, and defence establishments. The versatility of our machine extends to producing home-like Parathas most hygienically, meeting diverse culinary needs with ease.

We offered semi automatic Idiyappam Machine is widely used in the commercial kitchens in military mess and larger units. Our supplied machine is made from food-grade raw material, to provide a hygienic cooking environment. The offered automatic Idiyappam machine is flawless in operation and usage

  • Structure – MS Body with Powder coat & SS 304 GRADE
  • Size – 10’ X 2’ X 4’Approx (Lxwxh) in feet
  • Drive – 0.5 HP
  • Conveyor – Food Grade
  • Five Stage
  • Most Hygienic Machine
  • It will reduce employer strength

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Let's get into the features that make our Hydraulic Single Idiyappam & Sevai Making Machine a game-changer

Sturdy Structure

Crafted with precision, the machine boasts an MS body with a powder coat, ensuring durability and longevity.

Compact Size

With dimensions measuring approximately 700mm in length, 500mm in width, and 2100mm in height, it fits seamlessly into your canteen establishment.

Dough Container

Equipped with a 180-diameter SS304 Food Grade container spanning 400mm in length, ensuring safe and efficient dough handling.

Idiyappam Production Capacity

Experience the efficiency of producing 600 to 750 pieces of Idiyappam, streamlining large-scale meal preparations effortlessly.

Sevai Production Capacity

Achieve a remarkable output ranging from 60kg to 80kg per hour, catering to high demands without compromising quality.

Automatic Idiyappam Rotation

The machine features an automatic motor assembly for seamless rotation, enhancing the production process.

Customizable Die Size

Tailor the Idiyappam & Sevai to your preference with die sizes of 1.0 and 1.2 or opt for custom sizes as per your specific requirements.

Hydraulic Operation

Effortlessly control operations with hydraulic controls, ensuring user-friendly and precise functionality.

Our machine doesn’t just streamline meal preparation; it elevates the entire cooking experience, ensuring consistency, hygiene, and efficiency in every batch produced.

Grisham Industries, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is dedicated to providing top-notch Idiyappam & Sevai Machines that redefine culinary convenience. Whether catering to a large institution, or a bustling canteen or aiming to enhance your food production efficiency, our machine is your reliable culinary companion.

Experience the mix of tradition and innovation with our Hydraulic Single Idiyappam & Sevai Making Machine, simplifying meal preparation while ensuring the authentic taste and quality that resonate with home-cooked meals.

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