Hand Operated Chapati Pressing Machine manufacturer

Introducing the ultimate solution for large-scale chapathi production at hospitals, schools, institutions, and more: the Hand-Operated Paratha & Chapathi Machine by Grisham Industries.

In the busy environments of hospitals, schools, and institutions, providing wholesome and freshly prepared food is very important. We are the leading Hand-Operated Paratha & Chapathi Machine manufacturer and stand as the peak of efficiency and reliability in meeting these demands.

Grisham Industries takes pride in being the frontrunner in manufacturing this revolutionary machine. Here’s why we’re the best choice for your culinary needs:

This machine has given much needed relief to workers in the meal preparation department of Institutes, Langars,Hospitals, Schools and College Hostels, Industrial Canteens, Railway & Defense establishments. The machine produces home-like Chapattis in most hygienic way.

  • Structure – MS Body with Powder coat & SS 304 GRADE
  • Size – 2’ X 2’ X 6’Approx (Lxwxh) in feet
  • Dough container – 130mmdia & 4 Kg Capacity (SS 304 Grade)
  • Weight & Accuracy: 2gms – 80 gms Adjustable & 1 gm
  • Machine running on only Pneumatic system
  • Produces Accuracy Chapati Balls.
  • Simplified Mechanism and Easy to Operate.
  • Production Capacity /hour – 1800 – 2000 Pcs
  • Most Hygienic Machine
  • Built in Electric Panel for easy adjustments.
  • It will reduce employer strength

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What Makes Our Machine Awesome

Strong and Safe Construction

Our Hand-Operated Paratha & Chapathi Machine boasts a robust structure crafted from high-quality materials, primarily an MS Body. This sturdy build ensures durability and resilience against daily wear and tear. To further safeguard the machine, it is coated with a protective layer, enhancing its safety and longevity by shielding it from potential damage.

Perfectly Sized for Your Convenience

Designed to optimise space utilisation without compromising performance, our machine features compact dimensions. It measures just the right size—small enough to seamlessly integrate into your space.

Quality Aluminium Plates for Uniform Results

Equipped with two premium-quality round Aluminium Plates, this machine is engineered to provide consistent and uniform flattening of chapatis and parathas. These plates ensure even pressure distribution, resulting in perfectly shaped and evenly cooked delicacies every time.

Rapid and Precise Heating Mechanism

Featuring two high-powered 1000 Watts heaters, our machine excels in swift and precise heating. This exceptional heating capability allows for rapid warm-up times, ensuring your food cooks evenly and efficiently, meeting high production demands effortlessly.

Effortless Operation

Simplicity meets functionality with our Hand-Operated Paratha & Chapathi Machine. Operable by hand, it offers a user-friendly experience, making the process both straightforward and enjoyable. This ease of use enables anyone in the kitchen to operate the machine without complications.

Customizable Temperature Control

Enjoy full control over your cooking process. Our machine provides separate temperature control settings for the top and bottom plates. This feature allows you to fine-tune the heat levels according to your specific culinary requirements, ensuring your chapatis and parathas turn out just the way you prefer—whether soft, crispy or somewhere in between.

High Productivity for Busy Kitchens

In high-demand environments such as busy kitchens in hospitals, schools, or institutions, efficiency is key. Our machine rises to the challenge, boasting an impressive production capacity of 300 to 500 pieces per hour. This capability ensures a consistent supply of freshly prepared chapatis or parathas, meeting the demands of even the most bustling kitchens without compromising quality.

Each feature of our Hand-Operated Paratha & Chapathi Machine is meticulously designed and engineered to offer optimal performance, convenience, and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of commercial kitchens and culinary enthusiasts alike.

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