Commercial Paratha-Making Machine Manufacturer

Commercial machines are designed for the mass production of parathas in a commercial or industrial setting. Typically used in restaurants, bakeries, or large-scale food production facilities, these machines are designed to handle high volumes of paratha production, contributing to a faster and more standardized preparation process. Commercial paratha-making machines are equipped with features such as adjustable settings for thickness and size, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards while catering to the demands of a commercial kitchen or food production operation.

This machine focuses on making soft parathas with a single layer which involves a simplified process that includes rolling and pressing the dough to achieve the desired thickness and size of the paratha.

  • Structure: MS Body With Powder Coat
  • Size: L ­­­-2100 mm * W – 450 mm * H – 2100 mm
  • Motor & Gear Box: 0.5 hp& Worm reduction with synthetic oil filled
  • Power: 500 Watts / 230V AC Supply
  • Conveyor: Food grade Teflon / PP Belt
  • Dough container: 180dia, SS304, 400mm (L) – 1 Nos
  • Weight of the ball & Accuracy: 12 gms to 300 gms & 3 gm
  • Sheet thickness/width: 0.50 mm / 12 inches (300 mm) (or) Customer Required
  • Production capacity: 450 – 600 pcs / hour, 65 gms each
  • Oil Apply: Food Grade TEFLON Belt
  • Provision for Oil Spraying: Yes
  • Provision for Flour Spraying: Yes but the customer is required
  • Operation – I, II: Hydraulic Controls & Pneumatic Controls

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